Okuizumo Oroch-go Train

Marvelous views and tasty food from this "truck" train.
Activity SHIMANE

The train runs through mountains and climbs a steep slope. The most stunning point is between Izumo-sakane station and Miinohara station. The train climbs up, changing its directions back and forth twice, which is known as a 3-stage switchback. From here there are nice views of Miino Bridge and Okuizumo Orochi Loop. Make sure you don’t miss having a bento of Nita beef and sasa-zushi (sushi wrapped in bamboo leaves)


ADDRESS:Starting point JR Kisuki station (Satogata Kisuki-cyo, Unnan, Shimane Prefecture)
TEL:0854 42 0127(Kisuki station)
Activity SHIMANE