Discover Another Japan Pass

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「Discover Another Japan Pass」

"Discover Another Japan Pass (Attractions Pass)" with unlimited admission to sightseeing spots in Chugoku Region and Kansai !! Why don't you travel to "Another Japan" with rich cultural heritage and beauty?


It can be used at major sightseeing spots in Chugoku Region and Kansai

  • 7DAYS(168h)

    Adults (12 years old and over) 15,000JPY

    Children (6-11 years old) 7,500JPY

  • 5DAYS(120h)

    Adults (12 years old and over) 11,000JPY

    Children (6-11 years old) 5,500JPY

If you purchase "Attractions Pass",
you can enter paid tourist facilities in the Chugoku region and Kansai areas!

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Facilities eligible for "Attractions Pass" (27 locations)

* Facilities are increasing one after another
* Please check each content information on APP.

  • Museum
  • 1KyotoKyoto Railway Museum
  • 6OkayamaOhara Museum of Art
  • 7OkayamaJapan Folk Toy Museum
  • 17ShimaneAnno Art Museum
  • 19ShimaneShimane Museum Of Ancient Izumo
  • 21ShimaneIwami Ginzan museum
  • 22ShimaneAdachi Museum of Art
  • 24TottoriMizuki Shigeru Museum
  • 26TottoriShoji Ueda Museum of Photography
  • 27TottoriTottori 20th Century Pear Memorial Museum
  • 28TottoriAmphitheater Kurayoshi Figure Museum
  • 29TottoriGosho Aoyama Manga Factory
  • 30TottoriTottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum
  • 33ShimaneIwami Art Museum (in Shimane Arts Center「Grand Toit」)
  • Experience
  • 3NaraKotoya , the foot of Mt.Wakakusa in Nara Park
  • 8*HiroshimaGrotto Round Setoda Tour Pass (※Ticket)
  • 12HiroshimaMiyajima Misen Daisho-in
    (experience copying Buddhist scriptures and tracing Buddhist images)
  • 13YamaguchiIwakuni International Tourist Hotel
  • 18ShimaneIwami Kagura Performance (SanKuu Shrine)
  • Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • 25TottoriTottori Prefectural Flower Park
  • Historic sites / famous places
  • 2OsakaTsutenkaku Tower
  • 11HiroshimaOrizuru Tower
  • 14YamaguchiYamaguchi City Saikoutei
  • 16YamaguchiKikuya Residence
  • 21TottoriTottori 20th Century Pear Memorial Hall
  • 32TottoriThe Ishitani Residence
  • 34ShimaneMatsue Castle
  • Pleasure Boat
  • 9HiroshimaHiroshima Castle Pleasure Boat
  • 20ShimaneMatsue Horikawa Pleasure boat
  • 31TottoriUradome Coast Pleasure Boat
  • Rental Cycle
  • 4HyogoKINOSAKI ONSEN Tourist Information SOZORO
  • 15YamaguchiShimonoseki Rental Bicycle (JR West Car Rental & Leasing)
  • 23ShimaneOki Islands Rental Cycle (Okinoshima Town)
  • Garden
  • 5OkayamaOkayama Korakuen
  • 10HiroshimaShukkeien Garden

Examples of tourist facilities

  • 写真:博物館


    1KyotoKyoto Railway Museum

  • 写真:庭園


    5OkayamaOkayama Korakuen

  • 写真:體驗


    12HiroshimaMiyajima Misen Daisho-in

  • 写真:歷史景點/著名景點

    Historic sites / famous places

    16YamaguchiKikuya Residence

  • 写真:遊覽船

    Pleasure Boat

    20ShimaneMatsue Horikawa Pleasure boat

  • 写真:動植物園

    Zoo and Botanical Garden

    25TottoriTottori Prefectural Flower Park