About this region

The Chugoku Region has four World Heritage sites,
and boasts a unique traditional culture.
On visiting the region you’ll also discover the delights of its
beautiful nature and tasty food.
The Chugoku Region, located at the western edge of Honshu (“Main Island”), is comprised of five prefectures where traditional culture still lives on, as can be seen at its World Heritage sites – Itsukushima Shrine and the A-Bomb Dome etc.. You can also visit well-preserved historical towns where you might encounter “original scenes of Japan”, almost like a step back in time.
You can also enjoy marvelous views at San’inkaigan National Park, which has beautiful landscapes formed by the violent waves of the Sea of Japan; Setonaikai National Park with its innumerable islands dotting the calm Seto Inland Sea, and Daisen-Oki National Park which is famous for Mt. Daisen, the region’s highest mountain. And wherever you go you will be welcomed with delicious local food from both mountain and sea, well-known all over Japan.