Website Regulations

The Chugoku Region Sightseeing Information website (hereafter referred to as “the website”) aims to offer comprehensive information on sightseeing in the Chugoku Region. The website has been developed with the cooperation of a number of people working in tourism related capacities, the Chugoku Transport and Tourism Bureau, Tottori Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture, other tourism related organizations, sightseeing locations and local publishers, and is supervised and managed by the Chugoku Regional Tourism Promotion Association.


The copyright of all articles, illustrations and photos on the website (hereafter referred to as “contents”) belongs to the above-mentioned association and the providers of the contents. However, the copyright of some contents, for example photos, belong to their original producers. Any information, including photos and illustrations included in the website should conform to copyright law. The website itself is subject to copyright law as edited material and protected by that law. Unauthorized duplication, use, reproduction, sale, revision, printing or distribution of any information contained on this site without permission is prohibited, except for private use or quotation.


We welcome external links to the website, as we would like as many people as possible to make use of it. There are no specific regulations regarding links, but we would be grateful if the following guidelines were followed.
・You are free to link the website with yours, however if your purpose is contrary to law and public order or standards of decency, you may be requested to delete your link.
・For any issues concerning the contents of this website and links, please contact the Chugoku Regional Tourism Promotion Association,
・Please note that the Chugoku Regional Tourism Promotion Association is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Exemption from responsibility

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, however we and the providers of any information contained here take no responsibility for any actions made by users based on the information included on the website, or any damage or loss suffered as a result of said information.
Please note that we reserve the right to change or delete information on the website, including page addresses, without prior notice, and to suspend or terminate all or part of this service, for example for maintenance.