Chugoku region recommended drive course

②Onomich and Fukuyama area

Driving course for Onomichi~Fukuyama
The first day
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.20 min.
The temple was founded by Kozo Kosanji to console the spirit of his mother. The temple is open to the public as a museum, which houses Buddhism related artworks, modern art works and tea ceremony utensils, such as a statue of Shaka Buddha carved by Kaikei and a painting with poems by famous poet, Kino Tsurayuki. Some exhibited items are designated as important cultural assets.
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The staying hours:Approx.2hr. 30min.
The Expressway which spans six islands dotting the Seto Inland Sea is famous as a cyclist mecca, as the 70-kilometer cycling route is well maintained. It is refreshing to cross over the bridges by bicycle.
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Approx. 40min.
The staying hours:Approx.2hr.
The city is famous as a movie shooting place and a stage of famous novels.
Senkoji Buddist Temple is the most popular spot in the city. Senkoji Park extends from halfway to the top of the mountain.
Visitors can get to the park by cable car. The view of the Seto Inland Sea and the city seen from the observatory is breathtaking.
Approx. 5min.
The second day
The staying hours:Approx.2 hr. 30min.
Visitors have opportunities to try Zen meditation and copy Buddhist sutra. Please try to take a distance from your daily routine, by tasting the same food as monks have during their religious training at the raining hall of Rinzai sect Buddhism.
You can recover from daily fatigue by spending your day in a peaceful mind.
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Approx. 30 min.
The staying hours:Approx.3 hr. 30min.
Tomonoura was a prosperous port town where people stayed to wait for favorable tide in olden days. The traditional townscape, including port facilities and warehouses which were built during the Edo era (1603-1868).
Sensuito island is the beautiful scenery has been untouched from olden days.
Visitors may have a mysterious feeling, as it has been believed that seven good luck gods reside on the island.
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