Chugoku region recommended drive course

⑩Yamaguchi and Mine area

Driving course for Mine~Yamaguchi~Hofu~Yanai
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.30min.
Visitors can closely see animals, even fierce ones, as if you were in their habitats. It is one of a few zoos in Japan where animals can be watched without getting out of cars. Please join a bus tour to feed lions.
Approx. 20 min.
The staying hours:Approx.2 hr.
Limestone stalagmites dot over one of Japan’s largest karst plateaus. Recently it is popular as a cycling course.
The limestone cave at the foot of the plateau also boasts of one of the biggest scales in Japan.
The inside temperature of 17 ℃ is unchanged all year round, so in summer visitors can enjoy the mysterious limestone world in the cool air.
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Approx. 35min.
The staying hours:Approx.40min.
The temple has one of the three most elegant five storied pagodas, registered as a national treasure.
The garden boasts of beauty of each season, cherry blossoms in spring, colored leaves in autumn and snow in winter.
The pagoda looks more beautiful with each season’s additional attraction.
At night, the illuminated pagoda shows a view that’s different from daytime.
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Approx. 15 min.
The second day
The staying hours:Approx.2hr.30min.
The shrine was founded in 904 to enshrine Michizane Sugawara who is believed to be a deity of academic achievement. Japan’s first shrine in this category.
25,000 ㎡ Mori Garden which is near the shrine is gorgeous.
Natural beauty and the skills which were acculturated from the Meiji era (1868-1912) to Taisho era (1912-1926) are well harmonized.
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The staying hours:Approx.2 hr.
The townscape which was establishes during the medieval periods are well preserved. Merchant houses built during the Edo era (1603-1868) line along 200 meters street on the both sides. During the samurai era, the area flourished as a distribution center for daily necessities.Carts fully loaded with products used to go back and forth.
Paper lanterns in the shape of goldfish hung from the house beams are the town symbol.