Events in November

Tottori Hana-kairo Illumination(Tottori)

A collaboration of shining light bulbs and flowers takes visitors to a fairy tale world.(From late November to late December)

Izumo Taisya Shrine Kamiari-sai Ritual(Shimane)

The deities, believed to reside all over Japan assemble for an important meeting to decide people's relationships.(From 11th to 17th of the tenth month in the lunar calendar)

Autumn Leaves Festival at Okutsu Hot Spring.(Okayama)

One of the most famous spots to enjoy autumn colored leaves.(From early to mid-December)

Maple Festival at Daisyo-in Temple.(Hiroshima)

Visitors have an opportunity to see precious treasure housed in the temple during the season of colored maples. The statue of Buddha donated by Tibetan.(From middle to late December)

Hofu Tenmangu Gojinko-sai(Yamaguchi)

The first Tenmangu Shrine which is dedicated to a great statesman, Michizane Sugawara.(The fourth Saturday)

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