Events in December

Tottori Sand Dunes Illusion(Tottori)

A mysterious atmosphere created with lights can be viewed.(From middle to late December)

Yuushi-en Garden Illumination(Shimane)

Yuushi-en Garden is the biggest pond-garden in the San'in region. The view of illuminated autumnal colored leaves reflected on the water is marvelous.(Weekends from late November to December 25th)

Momotaroh Fantasy(Okayama)

One of the biggest illuminations in Okayama. It's a popular winter event(From early to late December)

Hiroshima Dreamination(Hiroshima)

The city center is lit up with colorful light bulbs.(From late December to early January)

Shunan Tree Festival(Yamaguchi)

The illumination is designated as Japan's Night View Heritage. The event heralds in winter of Shunan. 700,000 LED bulbs brighten the city. (From late November to early January)

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