The spirit of nature lives in all the highlights; meals, hot spring and arranged flowers.

Yunogo hot spring is believed to have been found by En’nin, a high-ranking monk of Hienzan, led by a white heron about 1,200 years ago. Kifunosato is located in the east of the hot spring town.

Passing through the stone paved entrance and stepping inside, you are welcomed by various kinds of trees in an enormous arrangement and some furniture of modern taste.

In the day trip plan, you can savor the atmosphere of a high-grade ryokan for a reasonable price. First, please enjoy a kaiseki style course meal, including the marine harvest from the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan and colorful plates of seasonal vegetables at the restaurant which faces the garden or in the private rooms. The chef wants you to taste freshly cooked dishes, so the dishes are served one by one. The carefully calculated timing and thoughtfulness will surely satisfy you. After lunch, bath time awaits you. You can enjoy the indoor bath which overlooks the garden, the open-air bath and the steam bath made of natural stones including medicinal minerals. After bathing as long as you want, you will surely feel yourself perfectly released from physical and psychological fatigue.

In the building, flowers are arranged everywhere to infuse the guests with a peaceful feeling. Even a short stay guarantees you an indescribable satisfaction.

The ryokan is proud of the concept that flowers make everyone happier. 70 flower arrangements are presented by professional artists. The staff try to tailor the service to each individual’s needs, without following a fixed manual. Such an attitude attracts guests who want to arrange a special memorable event.



ADDRESS:180, Yunogo, Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are not fixed