Migiwatei Ochikochi

Please experience how comfortable the perfect quietness is.

The hotel remodeled from a  200-year-old structure has a wooden elegant main entrance which is covered with traditional ceramic roof tiles and painted by red iron oxide.

The name of the hotel derives from Chinese characters 遠音近音(Ochikochi) written on a hanging scroll by a famous calligrapher, which was found when the hotel was refurbished.

All the rooms have an ocean view and outdoor bath facility. From the veranda, guests can see a marvelous view of Bentenjima Island in front and boats sailing back and forth, which guarantees a peaceful time.

Female guests will be pleased by the amenities of Ferragamo which are equipped in upper suite and suite rooms. Other rooms have organic “Than”, which is used at famous spas all over the world.

In the hotel, two private baths are available.

The menu of meals depends on the stay plan. Delicacies and local specialties, such as seabream, black abalone, and rockfish are lavishly served. Please stay and spend your own relaxing time to your satisfaction.


ADDRESS:629, Tomo, Tomo-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture
CLOSED:No closed days.