Famous for its sunshine and tasty fruit.
Activity OKAYAMA

Visit the orchards and buy seasonal fruit grown in-house and by contracted farmers,
local confections and locally brewed sake. Try picking your own fruit such as peaches or grapes, or pay a fixed amount for all you can eat. The white peach ice cream at 450 yen is not to be missed.

pione grapes:pick one bunch + all-you-can-eat 2,800 yen muscat grapes:pick one bunch + all-you-can-eat 3,000 yen peaches:pick two + all-you-can-eat 3,000 yen
Others available


ADDRESS:218 Kamiichi, Akaiwa, Okayama Prefecture
TEL:086 955 1928 (Japanese only)
OPEN:9:00~1800(October1~June 30) , 8:30~19::00(July 1~August 15) , 8:30~18:00(August 16~September 30)
CLOSED:Tuesdays (except in high season) New Year's Day
Activity OKAYAMA