Tokasan Festival and Yukata-de-kinsai Festival

The festival is a sign that summer is coming, as is the time to wear yukata.

One of the three biggest festivals in Hiroshima
It is also regarded as the day to start wearing yukata (a cotton kimono). On the first day at Enryu-ji Temple, the main venue, visitors can see the statue of the sacred deity, Inaridaimyo-jin. On the second day a ritual is held, and on the third day the statue is returned to storage. Chuo-dori street is lined with a variety of stalls and there is entertainment in the form of dances and fashion shows.

Every year from the first Friday to Sunday in June
※June 7th-9th, 2024


ADDRESS:Chuo-dori street, Fukuromachi Park, Higashi-shintenchi and others