Narutaki-en Fukuro-tei

The soba shop has a waterfall inside the site.

Two different flavors of soup are available: a regular shoyu-based one and a monthly flavor. All the side dishes made of seasonal ingredients are created by the chef’s professional ideas. Why don’t you walk toward the end of the garden, passing through a huge rock? You may be impressed by the soothing sound of a waterfall cascading down. The restaurant interior has a nice harmony of modern and traditional feelings. It’s a great idea to spend a relaxing time after meals and sweets, gazing at a view which looks like a beautiful painting. This way you can be free from everyday fatigue and stress.


ADDRESS:7-9-1, Uno, Tamano, Okayama Prefecture
OPEN:11:00~twilight ( it might be closed earlier when no customer comes)
CLOSED:No regular closed days.