Ryokan Nushiya

Please stay and enjoy local feasts of the Iwami region and a hot spring with a long history.

The hotel founded in 1801 is nestled at the foot of the mountain where hot spring water has been gushing up since the era of Prince Shotoku, 1350 years ago. The hotel’s history started 250 years ago.
In the spacious 9,000㎡ woods, there are nine rooms; a detached Japanese style room which is a relocated traditional house, a private independent structure and rooms with a mixture of Japanese and Western designs in the main building. All the rooms are skillfully decorated with antique furniture, retaining a Japanese touch.
Gorgeous kaiseki course meals start with an appetizer of seasonal ingredients, followed by fresh seafood brought from Hamada fishing port, Shimane wagyu and plates of local tastes. Both authenticity and novelty can be enjoyed in the dishes.
The hot spring is widely known as water for beautiful skin. The water is kept at moderate temperature so that guests can enjoy the bath time as long as they want.
The big public bath house which used to be a sake brewery building, an outdoor bath and private bathhouse tailor to your preferences. Please enjoy the local culture of Iwami with your whole body.


ADDRESS:955, Arifuku Onsen-cho, Gotsu, Shimane Prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are irregular