Sanbe-so logging

The volume of hot spring water flowing directly from the source is unparalleled.

The facility refurbished in March of 2020 is an appropriate place to enjoy the natural beauty of Mt. Sanbe. Sitting at the foot of the active volcano, the hotel is blessed with abundant hot spring water at a volume of 3044,4 litres per minute, The temperature of 34.8℃ feels cozy. You have an opportunity to experience the hot spring water flowing directly from the source in two types of outdoor bathtubs. The water of the other tubs is heated up to 41℃. After taking the two baths alternatively, your fatigue is gone. There are two bath facilities with eight tubs for each. Men and women use them separately on alternating days. One is treasure boat shaped, surrounded by seven good luck gods which bring you fortune. The other is modeled after the historical Iwami Silver Mine. The air is refreshing because of the national park location.
Blue sky, setting sun and brilliant stars soothe both your spirit and body. The reasonable price is another good point.
For the meals, Shimane wagyu grilled on a volcanic stone and local chicken grilled on an iron plate are served in a kaiseki set course menu.


ADDRESS:2072-1, Shigaku, Sanbe-cho, Oda, Shimane Prefecture
CLOSED:No closed days. For daytime bathers, closed days are irregular During the New year season, business hours might be shortened.