Yurarin Studio Make your own washi paper lantern

Make your very own unique handmade washi paper lantern
Activity TOTTORI

Yurarin Studio, the washi paper lantern workshop, is located in Hokuei in Tottori Prefecture a town famous for its association with the animation series Case Closed , better known in Japan as Great Detective Conan.
The free to enter gallery at Yurarin Studio has a wide range of lanterns of all shapes and sizes made from traditional Japanese washi paper on display. In the workshop next to the gallery, you can create your own Japanese washi paper lantern. After choosing a kudzu vine frame and your favorite washi paper design, you
can begin to attach the washi to the frame and build your very own original washi paper lantern.


ADDRESS:1586 Yurashuku , Hokueichō, Tōhaku District, Tottori
CLOSED:*Opening hours and dates vary so please book ahead.
Activity TOTTORI