Yuurin an Guesthouse & Café Takarajima Daruma Doll Painting

Hand painting daruma dolls let your creativity run wild.
Activity OKAYAMA

Yuurin an Guesthouse & Cafe in Kurashiki’s famous Bikan District in Okayama Prefecture collaborated with
local daruma doll makers to start this painting workshop as a way to create more awareness for these cultural
icons. The venue is a traditional 100 year old house in the heart of Bikan’s historical district, giving you the
chance you enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese house while you paint.
You will be provided with everything you need, including pencils, paints, and brushes. The workshop will last for
one or two hours. The paint dries quickly meaning you can take your daruma home with you on the same day.


ADDRESS:2-15 Honmachi , Kurashiki City, Okayama
CLOSED:Irregular operating hours. *The workshop is generally only available on Weekdays.
Activity OKAYAMA