Segway in Akiyoshidai

Ride a Segway across one of Japan's largest karst plateaus.

Be at one with the landscape of Akiyoshidai one of the largest karst plateaus in Japan formed over 300
million years.
You will ride an off road Segway built to be driven in the countryside. The Segway is powered by an electric
motor meaning your ride will emit zero emissions.
The tour will start with a 60 minute lesson led by an instructor. Once you become accustomed to the
Segway, you will head out onto the plateau for a 90 minute tour. The tour leader will take you to the best
photo spots where you will also learn about the story behind Akiyoshidai and what makes this region so
unique. The last destination is the Akiyoshidai Eastern Viewing Platform with its panoramic view over the
whole dynamic countryside of Akiyoshidai .

Booking Method:Book online at https:// jitabi /segwaytour in akiyoshidai2020/



OPEN:(March to November) 8:30~17:30、(December to February) 8:30~16:30
CLOSED:Open every day.