Yonago Castle Ruins

A castle with a spectacular view to visit at least once

Yonago Castle still retains its imposing stone walls from the end of the Warring States period. From the castle tower, you can enjoy the spectacular four seasons panoramic views of Mount Daisen, Nakaumi, the Sea of Japan, and the castle town of Yonago.
A miraculous location surrounded by rich nature, history, and culture is the charm that is unique to the Yonago Castle Ruins.

About 15 minute-walk from Yonago Station to Masugata Entrance
Take the route bus and get off at “Yonago Castle entrance”, then a 3-minute walk.
Take “Dandan Bus”, the Yonago City Loop Bus, and get off at “Yonago Castle-mae”, then a 1-minute walk.
About 5 minutes by car from Yonago Station. Please use the Yonago Castle ruins Sannomaru parking lot, Ninomaru parking lot, or Estacionamento Parque Minatoyama (Minatoyama Park parking lot) (all free of charge).
It takes about 20 minutes from the trailhead to the castle tower at the top of the mountain.


ADDRESS:Kumecho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture