Country Kitchen

A bad weather day might end up being a lucky day.

The café is located at the corner of Senjojiki grassland which overlooks the Sea of Japan, so visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the open sea in bright sunlight. Visitors can spend a relaxing time. The menu offers a wide range, from hamburgers to waffles. The quality of all the specially selected ingredients is high. On some fine weather days, the shop has a queue. If you want to enjoy a calm visit, bad weather days might be better. Reservations can’t be made.


ADDRESS:5462, Hekinaka, Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture
OPEN:11:00~17:00 Meal time ends at 15:00 or when the ingredients run out of stock.
CLOSED:Thursdays(If the days fall on national holidays, it is opened)When the weather doesn’t permit, it is closed.