Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, Kiccho Ritual

A folk event passed down from generation to generation in Taisha-cho Town

Kiccho-san and Bannai-san walk in procession through the town playing traditional museum instruments such as flute and drum.

Kiccho-san is a 10 meter long by 1 meter wide flag with the writing 歳徳神(Toshitokujin), which literally means God of the year. Participants parade through, holding the flag and playing traditional music. They chant when they arrive at the main sanctuary of the Shrine.

In the meantime, Bannai-san, a group of 42 year-old men(believed to be unlucky age) who wear red and white masks of ogres and are clad in Kagura Shinto performance costume walk around with a long bamboo stick and visit houses in the neighborhood. At the entrance hall, they beat the stick harshly on the ground, shouting “Akumanbarai(Go away evils)” to drive out misfortunes.

On the morning of January 3rd


ADDRESS:195, Kizuki Higashi, Taisha-cho, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture