Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery

A perfect place to enjoy Japanese wine and find local souvenirs

A special winery where you can sample various kinds of Miyoshi wine cultivated in dedicated vineyards. It has a regular line of wines and a higher-end line called TOMOÉ. The regular wines are all free to taste while TOMOÉ has a separate refrigerated room for their wines and a small bar where you can have a taste for a fee. Several TOMOÉ wines have won national and international awards. Besides wine, there are many souvenirs available at the souvenir hall. It also has a café and a barbecue garden that offer Hiroshima beef and wine. Soft-serve ice cream flavored with Miyoshi pione grape is something you shall not lose at the café.


ADDRESS:10445-3, Higashi Sakeya-machi, Miyoshi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
OPEN:Souvenir hall: 9:30-18:00/ Barbecue Garden: 11:00-18:00(LO 17:30) / Café Vine: 8:00-17:00)
CLOSED:Second Wednesday during January~ March& December 29~January 1