Aloha Orange

The shop’s beef bowl is worth waiting in a long queue.

The restaurant chef has learned cooking in Hawaii where beef dishes are popular. Only experienced chefs with a good judgement of meat can prepare such an extremely rare-cooked thigh beef. Specially made sweetened sauce and chopped cabbage maximize the taste of beef. To tell the truth, this dish was created just for the owner’s fun and used to be a secret. These days, customers wait for two to three hours during the weekends. Beef bowls with fire-roasted beef, as well as in Japanese style and in Korean yukke style are also available.
Large size:3,000 yen.
Medium size: 1,800 yen
Small size: 1,500 yen
Extra small size: 1,000 yen


ADDRESS:7270, Kuga, Suo-Oshima-cho, Oshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture
OPEN:11:00~16:00 No reservation is accepted
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