Kaze no Engawa

Please visit and be seated on the veranda to spend a relaxing time, viewing seasonal flowers in the garden.

This more than eighty year old house was renovated as a café. The traditional Japanese layout with an alcove and a veranda induces a historical atmosphere, as if time had stopped. Visitors can savor lunch prepared from carefully selected local ingredients, such as the region’s chicken, seasonal fish, egg laid in a natural environment, and organically grown vegetables and tasty sweets. Families with young children can feel comfortable in a spacious room. From the tables near the veranda, a nice view of the garden can be seen. On a fine weather day, the terrace is open. It’s a perfect spot to take a rest in a fresh breeze.


ADDRESS:2398, Ushiroji-cho, Gotsu, Shimane Prefecture
CLOSED:Sunday, Monday and Tuesday