You can meet Gegege no Kitaro at Sakaiminato

Goblins can be found everywhere in the city; on the train, at the station and at the shrine. Visitors can fully enjoy the world of goblins.

Kitaro train runs from JR Yonago station to JR Sakaiminato station. No one can know which type of train will come next. (sometimes only a regular train is available)

Along the Mizuki Shigeru Road, more than 170 bronze goblin statues are lined up.

The spirits of goblins are enshrined at Yokai (goblin) Shrine. On top of the gate, you can find Ittan-momen goblin.

Please pay careful attention while walking around, or you will easily miss some goblins.

Ge-ge-ge-no Yokai Paradise is a miniature theme park.

Food in the shape of yokai (goblin), such as grilled squid is fun. Please walk around, enjoying the goblin related food.

Many shops along the street have items in the shape of Ge-ge-ge-no Kitaro.

Mizuki Shigeru Museum displays artifacts and cartoons of Mr. Mizuki Shigeru.

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