Spectacular fireworks and the hustle and bustle of people make this summer festival come alive

Fireworks and festivals are indispensable to summer in Japan. The echo of drums, shouting voices and wonderful fireworks filling the night sky will become a lasting memory of Japan. In recent years, the entertainment at festivals has become more varied, including such things as parades and stage performances. As you walk taking in the sights and sounds you should take some time to sample some of the food you’ll see at the stalls.

Yonago Gaina Festival

Beautiful fireworks illuminating the night sky mark the end of the festival in style

Matsue Suigo Festival

Ten thousand breathtaking fireworks illuminate a lake with one of the biggest firework displays in western Japan

Okayama Momotaro Festival

A variety of events and a firework display bring all the fun of a festival

Tokasan Festival and Yukata-de-kinsai Festival

The festival is a sign that summer is coming, as is the time to wear yukata.

Nishiki River Mizu-no-Saiten Festival

Six thousand fireworks exploding with sound and color with Kintai-kyo Bridge as their backdrop

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