Autumn foliage

Colored leaves announce the arrival of autumn.

Because of its four clear-cut seasons, Japan is rich in flora and fauna. Each season brings something different that has to be seen. When the leaves on mountains, in parks and in towns start to show red and yellow tinges, we can sense the approaching fall. There are entrancing places throughout the Chugoku Region where the autumn colors enhance beautiful landscapes and allow you to watch the changing seasons.

Oku-Daisen Kakkake Pass

Some of Japan’s most beautiful autumn colors

Hikimi Ravine

A majestic view of a ravine swathed in vivid autumn colors

Former Shizutani School

Autumn leaves look even more vivid against the reddish Bizan-ware roof tiles

Sandankyo Gorge

Sharp contrast of deep red autumn leaves, clear water and a steep sided valley

Chomonkyo Gorge

The Abu River runs through this deep autumn-colored valley

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