Events in April

Ube Shrine Festival(Tottori)

Lion dancing, parade of samurai warriors in traditional costumes and dancing of Shinto maidens are worth seeing.(Late April)

Matsue Musha Parade(Shimne)

Citizens disguised as warriors clad in samurai helmets and armor, and as princesses in colorful kimono walk around the city towards the castle which is filled with cherry blossoms in full bloom.(The first Saturday)

Tsuyama Cherry Festival(Okayama)

Cherry blossoms at Tsuyama Castle located in Tsuruyama Park herald the coming of spring.(Early April)

Onomichi Haiku Festival(Hiroshima)

Lanterns with haiku poems written on them decorate cherry trees. In the evening they are illuminated.(from late March to late April)

Iwakuni Kintaikyo Bridge Festival(Yamguchi)

A parade of samurai warriors crossing the bridge looks like a scene depicted on a historical scroll painting.(April 29th)

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