Events in May

Misasa Hot-Spring Hanayu Festival(Tottori)

The highlight is tugs of war. A huge rope made of wisteria vines is as heavy as 2 tons and is 100 meters long.(Early May)

Peony Festival at Daikonjima Island(Shimane)

The festival is held at the peak season of peony, a flower of Shimane Prefecture.(From late April to early March)

Hiroshima Flower Festival(Hiroshima)

The festival aims to connect Hiroshima and the rest of the world through peace messages and flowers.(May 3rd to 5th)

Shimonoseki Kaikyo Festival(Yamaguchi)

The festival features the historical incidents which took place in and around the Shimonoseki Strait.(From May 2rd to 4th)

Places to Go