Events in August

Shan-shan Festival in Tottori(Tottori)

As many as 4,000 people enjoy dancing, holding decorative colorful umbrellas.(Mid-August)

Tsuwano Dance Festival(Shimane)

A dancing festival with a long history featuring an eccentric costume of black hoods and white headbands. 2017 will mark the 400th anniversary.(10th to 15th)

The Mysterious Garden open in the evening(Okayama)

The garden, illuminated by hundreds of lights and candles, has a distinct atmosphere that contrasts greatly from its daytime appearance. (From early to late of August)

Peace Memorial Ceremony Peace Message Lantern Floating Ceremony(Hiroshima)

The ceremony starts in the evening. Visitors write their own peace messages on lanterns and float them on the river. The city is illuminated with 1,000 lanterns. (August 6th)

Yamaguchi Tanabata Lantern Festival(Yamaguchi)

One of the biggest lantern festivals in Japan with a 600 year history. Tens of thousands of lanterns mysteriously illuminate the city.(Early August)

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