Events in March

Hina-Doll FloatingFestival(Tottori)

Children float hina dolls in the river to ward misfortunes off.(Late March)

Iwami-ginzan Silver Mine Plum Festival(Shimane)

Plum blossoms mark the arrival of spring.(From early to mid-February)

Kurashiki Haruyoi Akari(Okayama)

Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter is filled with lights with a Japanese touch.(From late February to early March)

Hina Doll Festival at Tomo(Hiroshima)

Various types of Hina dolls; antique, modern and hand-made are displayed.(From late February to mid- March)

Camellia Festival, Hagi(Yamaguchi)

Visitors are overwhelmed by 25,000 camellia trees which blossom in vivid color.(From mid-February to late March)

Places to Go