Events in Januray

Crab ThanksgivingFestival(Tottori)

A parade is held to celebrate a big haul of crab along the Mizuki Street (Mid-January)

Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine Kiccho Ritual(Shimane)

The folk festival has been passed down for generations in Taisha town. Music accompanied by Japanese flutes and drums produces a lively atmosphere. (3rd)

Tagura-Ushigamisya Shrine Festival(Okayama)

On the 5th of every month, the ritual is held. The one in January is the biggest and busiest.(January 5th)

Saitan-sai Festival, Itsukushima-jinjya Shrine(Hiroshima)

At the beginning of the year, people wish for good fortune and happiness for the year.(January 1st)

Year's first matchlock gun Shooting in Iwakuni(Yamaguchi)

Men in traditional samurai warrior costume perform matchlock gun shooting under the Kintai-kyo Bridge.(Junuary 1st)

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