The long-established ryokan located near Lake Shinji has been favored by lots of famous novelists and artists.

Minami-kan established in 1888 near Matsue Ohashi Bridge, which spans Lake Shinji and The Ohashi River, has been a well-known graceful ryokan due to the carefully preserved tradition. The lakeside garden and the guest rooms on the second floor still retain the atmosphere of the days of its founding. Maintaining the original style, the building has been extended and refurbished to meet the needs of each age. In the 16 rooms, the guests can enjoy both traditional Japanese taste and modern touch.

The lakeside garden is famous for an elegant dry landscape style with the view of lake Shinji as a background. Visitors find themselves free from all the stress of everyday life, while calmly gazing from the window at the marvelous garden and the lake unfolding far beyond.

The most appealing point is that the scenery has been kept unchanged, which has been attracting lots of well-known people of cultural fields and politicians from the foundation to the present day.

Sea bream rice which the first chef created and was loved by Fumai-ko, a feudal lord, has been passed down for generations and is still served for breakfast. It’s a great opportunity for the guests to taste such a feast, which requires lots of processing.


ADDRESS:14, Honmachi, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture