Enmusubi Mizuhiki Non Mizuhiki Crafting Experience

Practice the traditional Japanese craft of mizuhiki to create accessories and charms.
Activity SHIMANE

The art of creating mizuhiki knots has been a part of Japanese culture since ancient times. This special
method of tying knots is used to symbolize a binding connection between two people . At Enmusubi Mizuhiki
Non in Shimane Prefecture (a region famous for its association with enmusubi match making) you can learn
how to tie a traditional mizuhiki knot. Even if you are not savvy at intricate craftwork, your mizuhiki teacher will
be on hand to guide you every step of the way.
When booking a session, you can choose whether to craft an Awaji style knot or an Ume style knot . On the
day of the workshop, you can choose whether to make an accessory or a good luck charm.
Enmusubi Mizuhiki Non accepts groups of two to eight, but you will need to consult with them in advance for
larger group sizes.

Price:¥3,600 (Includes materials and workshop fee)

Booking Method:Book online at https://en.matsue osewasan.com/activity/mizuhiki_none_ plan/


ADDRESS:63 Tonomachi , Matsue City, Shimane (IMAI Books 2F)
CLOSED:Please check the website for available dates
Activity SHIMANE