Please soak your body in a rare pure hot spring water; truly a blessing of the earth

From the Edo era, the hot spring has been popular among the local people as a natural outdoor bath. At Okutsu-so, guests can try the natural hot spring, as the bath facility is built just above the source of water, which is a river bottom.

Hot spring water is oxidized soon after it is exposed to air. Here they can use the water directly drawn from the source without oxidizing. So more it’s effective to smooth skin and to immunity.

Kagiyu is built on the river bed. At 120cm deep, you can take a bath in a standing position. There are two private baths, too.

The alkaline water which gushes up at a rate of 247 litres per minute has neither strong taste nor smell. After bathing your skin becomes silkier. You don’t need soap, as the dirt comes off, just by soaking your body.

The hotel has eight rooms, including two rooms with an outdoor bath.

Nine types of set menus are available. A traditional local dish of Okutsu beef and other plates of local ingredients are elaborately prepared.


ADDRESS:48, Okutsu, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama Prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are irregular