Sekitei, ryokan with garden

The views of spacious garden and clear sky invite the guests into a dreamy world.

The hotel is located on a mild hill overlooking the dotting islands, including Miyajima island in the Seto Inland Sea.
Twelve accommodation buildings surround a 45,000㎡ Japanese garden. Each room has a different design of both traditional and modern taste. You might feel as if you were in your own private study because of a wide range of books placed in the room.
The hot spring water flowing from the mountain behind the hotel is mild and comfortable to skin and body.
The cuisine prepared by a professional chef enhances the pleasure of your stay.
The garden is accessible from each room. It is recommended for guests to enjoy a pleasant exploration of the garden.
Don’t forget to visit the library which looks like a hideout, a salon equipped with high quality chairs from Northern Europe and other European countries, and a space like a cave where you can enjoy the feeling as if you went back to childhood to go treasure hunting.


ADDRESS:3-5-7, Miyahama Onsen, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are irregular