360-degree panoramic view unfolding before you is pleasing to the eye.

The hotel founded in 1931 is located near the Togo Lake and boasts of a panoramic lake view which nothing obstructs. The rooms and outdoor baths are designed so that the guests can enjoy this view as beautiful as possible. On-the-lake outdoor baths are only here in Japan. You can feel as if you soaked your body in the lake. The roof floor has a foot bath. How splendid the view!

The spring water which flows from the lake is slightly salty. The volume of water is abundant, so no water is added and it is not heated up.

A less known, but fun activity is making soft boiled eggs. Please get an egg at the restaurant, put it in a special container and wait for 20 to 25 minutes. The egg is perfectly done. Please try a complimentary small glass of beer and egg together.


ADDRESS:4-25, Hawai Onsen, Yurigahama. Tohaku-gun, Tottori prefecture
CLOSED:Closed days are irregular