Yamaguchi Hagi Brewery Co.

The craft beer with clear aroma and rich taste can be enjoyed by everyone.

The brewery was built in 1996 in historical Hagi City with an intention to produce a unique beer. The pattern of a samurai warrior with chonmage (topknot hairdo) is depicted on the package. The founder, Mr. Onaka’s visit to the USA and his encounter with American craft beer inspired him to produce a local beer in his hometown of Hagi. His experience in the USA is infused in his beer.

He aims to brew the beer which can be enjoyed by everybody. Please try the fruity aroma and rich texture.


Where to buy:
Gift shops in Hagi
Road station, Senza Kitchen
Road station, Houhoku
Shin Yamaguchi station
Tokuyama station and others


ADDRESS:608-1, Tsuchihara, Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture