Traditional Japanese structure creates high level of gracefulness

The ryokan surrounded by mountains on three sides sits in a beautiful natural setting and boasts of a building registered as a tangible national cultural asset and a garden designated as a national natural monument.

Constructed during the Taisho era as a villa, the original building was extended in 1936 and started business as an accommodation facility. The extended space on the postwar days which was designed by Kiichiro Fuefuki, famous architect of sukiya style of Kyoto, displays the high skill and playful spirit of the artisans.

The pond- style garden skillfully utilizes the natural topography. The dry landscape garden was constructed around 1945. The tea ceremony style garden is an example of authentic design. The beauty and high level of skill amaze even garden experts.

The number of rooms is only fourteen. What a lavish experience!

Regarding the hot spring, three sources of water have different temperatures. The volume of water is abundant. No water is added and it is not heated up. The waters are blended to keep a comfortable temperature. Please enjoy the natural fresh hot spring water flowing up directly from the source.


ADDRESS:4-60, Midori-machi, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi Prefecture
CLOSED:The last Tuesday is closed for the daytime bathers