Saikoutei-Dress in Kimonos, Samurai Kimonos, and Samurai Armor

Transform yourself into a genuine samurai warrior!

At any time throughout the year, you can head to the historical Saikoutei manor in Yamaguchi City to dress in
samurai armor and take pictures in Saikoutei’s main hall or Japanese garden . Saikoutei also offers bakumatsu
samurai kimono experiences. You can also slip back in time with Saikoutei’s kimono experience. Once you are
dressed in a beautiful kimono, you can enjoy traditional Japanese matcha green tea and take pictures in the
garden and various sightseeing spots around the city. You will also have the option to board Saikoutei’s
rickshaw for a truly memorable experience.
The streets of Yamaguchi are full of historical locations related to the end of the Edo period and the Meiji
Restoration, including the Old Yamaguchi Feudal Administration Office Gate, Toshunji Temple, Kozan Cemetery,
Tatekoji Street, Jippotei , and Noda Shrine. These are all perfect locations for stunning kimono photos .

Booking Method:Telephone or email:saikou@c
Bookings accepted until 12pm the day before the desired reservation date (two days prior if the reservation date is for the day after Saikoutei is closed).
*The samurai armor experience is restricted to the Saikoutei building and the garden.


ADDRESS:1-2-7 Tenge , Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi
CLOSED:Tuesdays (or the next weekday if Tuesday is a public holiday) and from 29 th December to 3 rd January.