Ryokan Soan

The guests can savor a unique blend of tastes of traditional and modern and Oriental and Occidental, which is reminiscent of good old days.

The facility located in the Yunokawa Hot Springs resort, known as one of the three hot spring waters famous for beauty, has a compact size with only 16 rooms.
The 120 year old traditional Japanese building matches well with European antique furniture.
Three options of room design are available; the Shiunkaku which features a Izumo local traditional architectural beauty, the Kominka-hanare with spacious semi-outdoor bath, and the Iyashi-no-yado with the view of a Japanese garden whose scenery changes with each season.
As for the hot spring, the smooth water with low alkaline level is drawn directly from the spring source and is not repeatedly used; so no heating up, no water adding and no circulation. How extravagant! Please experience the effect of silky skin. The guests can enjoy three types of outdoor bath facilities, such as a bathtub made of local Kimachi stones, the one decorated with stained glass and the one made of rocks, stones and cypress with a garden view.
Please spend a relaxing time in a ryokan surrounded by woods.


ADDRESS:1491, Gakuto, Hikawa-cho. Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
CLOSED:No closed days