Kamotsuru Sake Brewery Tour and Lunch at FRANCE-YA

Tour the Kamotsuru Sake Brewery and enjoy their signature dish the bishu hotpot.

Saijo is one of the three most famous sake brewing districts in Japan and home to seven breweries.
Kamotsuru Sake Brewery, one of the leading breweries in Saijo , offer guided tours on weekends led by their head sake brewer. The head brewer will take you around the facility, introducing each stage of the sake brewing process from the initial rice selection right through to bottling. After the brewery tour, you can go to the sales counter to taste the different varieties of Kamotsuru sake on offer. Some limited edition sake is only available for purchase at the brewery. Kamotsuru’s restaurant FRANCE YA is a stone’s throw away from the main brewery. At the restaurant you can try the delicious bishu hotpot a dish that evolved from a meal traditionally given to brewery workers. The hotpot is flavored purely with sake, salt and pepper, which help to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients. This iconic dish is only available in Saijo .

※Head Brewer’s Kamotsuru Tour (held irregularly)Please check dates and book online at the Kamotsuru
Brewery homepage https://www.kamotsuru.jp/ under the tab “Latest information”.


ADDRESS:9-11 Saijōhonmachi , Higashi Hiroshima City, Hiroshima (FRANCE-YA)
CLOSED:Thursdays and the 2 nd and 4 th Monday of each month.