Gokyo Bunko Seal Engraving

The ultimate souvenir engrave your own stone seal near Kintaikyo Bridge.

Dokuryu Shoeki was a Chinese monk who brought painted scrolls to Iwakuni in the 17 th century scrolls that
inspired the construction of the famous Kintaikyo Bridge. He is also known as the person who introduced the art
of seal engraving to Japan. At Gokyo Bunko near the Kintaikyo Bridge, you can continue the tradition created
by Dokuryu by crafting your own seal in a special seal engraving workshop. In the standard workshop, you can
carve one or two characters in ancient Chinese script into a block of stone.
Because staff need time to prepare the workshop, you will need to decide on the characters you wish to carve
ahead of time and tell the facility in advance. You do have the option of increasing the size of the stone and
increasing the number of characters. Please contact Gokyo Bunko for further details.

Booking Method:Please phone to book (Japanese only)


CLOSED:水曜日 臨時休館などの案内はホームページにて確認ください。