Kurayoshi Figure Museum-Workshop

Japan’s oldest circular school building has been converted into one of Japan’s biggest figurine museums . Discover a fantastic world of figurines and models at the Kurayoshi Figure Museum.
Activity TOTTORI

The circular building that was once the local elementary school, still loved by the locals and a symbol for the
community, is today the Kurayoshi Figure Museum. The museum displays a diverse collection of figurines
including animals, dinosaurs, and famous anime characters with each section of the museum dedicated to a
specific theme. As well as viewing the figurines, you can try making food sample models, dioramas using
figurines, or photographing figurines in a customized special effects corner. We tried making a realistic food
sample model. After squeezing on fake whipped cream and positioning the plastic fruit, we managed to
create an original, realistic ice cream sundae.


ADDRESS:1-2971-2 Kajimachi , Kurayoshi City, Tottori
CLOSED:Open every day. For dates when the museum will be closed, notification will be given in advance.
Activity TOTTORI