Sekishu Washi Kaikan Japanese Washi Paper Making

Experience the traditional art of handmade washi paper making
Activity SHIMANE

Sekishu Washi (also known as S ekishu Banshi paper ) is the Japanese washi paper made in the Iwami
region of western Shimane Prefecture. The region has preserved its traditional paper making techniques,
skills and industry, leading to Sekishu Washi becoming designated as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by
UNESCO and an “Important Intangible Cultural Property” by the Japanese government.
At the Sekishu Washi Kaikan, you can craft and decorate your very own Se kishu W ashi paper from scratch.

Booking Method:By phone or download the application form from the website https ://www.sekishu-washikaikan. com/ and email to or fax to 0855-32-4170
*Please reserve two weeks in advance for groups of 10 or more.



ADDRESS:589 Furuichiba, Misumichō, Hamada City, Shimane
CLOSED:Monday and from 28th December to 4 th January. If Monday coincides with a public holiday, the facility will be closed on the following weekday.
Activity SHIMANE