Minpaku-style (rented private residence) accommodation, Sakae One guest per day

Please stay at a traditional Japanese house and make unforgettable memories, by learning Japanese culture and enjoying joyful conversation with the owner.

The town of Kabe is forty minutes by JR Kabe Line from Hiroshima station.

During the Sengoku (warring states) Period (1467-1615), the area was bustling as a logistics hub as it is located between the administrative center of Hiroshima and the San’in region. The transportation by boats which sailed along the Ota River also brought a big fortune. Still today the historical atmosphere is well preserved. Minpaku Sakae is in such a town.

The guests have an opportunity to take a guided tour to an aged temple and a café renovated from a 150 year old traditional house in the historical quarter. With a prior reservation, you can watch martial arts, make Japanese confections and learn Japanese cooking, calligraphy and the paper craft of origami.


Moreover, spending a relaxing time with the owners, Mr.and Mrs.Kato, will be a wonderful memory.

Check-in:15:00~21:00 (If you cannot check in during these hours, please contact the owner.

Check-out: 10:00


ADDRESS:3-38-9-2, Kabe, Asa-kita Ward, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture