Arakawa, Japanese restaurant

Glittering beltfish sashimi are presented on a plate which looks like a mirror. The fish is sliced thick, so the skins have a rich texture.

Beltfish of Suo Seto is registered as one of the established brands of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The plate of sashimi, known as “mirror belt fish” is worth a try. Arakawa boasts of carefully chosen fresh ingredients.

The best way to enjoy it is to eat a few slices together, dipping them in ponzu shoyu made from locally grown citrus juice, and adding grated white radish and thinly chopped scallions.

The owner is also working hard to activate the local economy, saying that the meals and the scenery are two big sales points of Oshima island.


ADDRESS:1720, Komatsu, Suo Oshima, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi Prefecture
CLOSED:Thursdays and the first Wednesday