Chugoku region recommended drive course

④Takahashi and Hiruzen area

Driving course for Takahashi~Fukiya~Katsuyama~Hiruzen
The first day
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr. 20 min.
The well-known castle which rises in the sea of clouds, a national important cultural asset, was said to be well-protected against enemies.
It is one of the three most famous mountain-top castles and one of the 100 most beautiful castles.
Among all the castles whose donjon still exist, it is located at the highest altitude.
Approx.40 min.
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.
The town, featuring a nice harmony of reddish-brown ceramic roof tiles and facades of residences painted with “bengara” pigment, was established by wealthy merchants who gained a huge profit from producing the pigment. Their residences, exquisitely designed in detail, are worth visiting.
Tourists can enjoy hands-on experiences of dying handkerchiefs and bags with bengara.
Approx. 1hr. 10min.
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.
The town prospered as a post station town along the Izumo Road. Warehouses with white-washed walls and merchant houses with latticed windows are well preserved still today.

Curtains hung at entrances are a town symbol.
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Approx. 20 min.
The second day
The staying hours:Approx.1hr.30min.
The three-kilometer ravine boasts of beautiful views with various configurations. It is one of the most popular spots for autumn colored leaves in Okayama Prefecture. It is highly recommended to enjoy trekking, viewing magnolia and rhododendron in spring, and cooling down in fresh greenery in summer.
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The staying hours:Approx.3 hr.
The highland extends from Mt. Daisen to the foot of Mt. Hiruzen. A perfect resort to avoid summer heat, to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter, and to appreciate the beautiful nature in spring and fall. Rental bicycles are available.
Why not try cycling in the fresh air?
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