Chugoku region recommended drive course

⑥Daisen and Sakaiminato area

Driving course for Daisen~Sakaiminato~Matsue
The first day
The staying hours:Approx.2 hr.30min.
Both places, located in the middle of Mt. Daisen, one of the highest peaks in the Chugoku Region, have a solemn atmosphere.
The 700 meters stone paved approach path which straddles from Daisenji Temple to Ogamiyama Shinto Shrine is the longest in Japan.
The trekking route attracts visitors.
Approx. 25 min.
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.30min.
At the spacious park located near Mt. Daisen, visitors can enjoy colorful flowers all year round. The garden has a one-kilometer, circular-roofed corridor with a dome shaped exhibition space made of glass as its core.
Please have a good time, walking around to see European style gardens and flower beds.
Approx. 15min.
The staying hours:Approx.1 hr.
The museum exhibits some photos of globally famous Shoji Ueda with an innovative style of composition and presentation.
The building was designed by a prominent architect, Shin Takamatsu. Up-side-down Daisen Mountain reflected on the pond can be seen from the museum. Surely worth seeing.
Approx. 25min.
The second day
The staying hours:Approx.2 hr.
The 800-meter street which stretches from Sakaiminato railway station to the Museum has lots of interesting spots, such as bronze statues of goblins and a goblin Shinto shrine.
The museum located at the end of the street displays illustrations, comic books which were published quite a long time ago, and model figures of goblins. It looks like a “Goblin World”.
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Approx. 5 min.
The staying hours:Approx.2 hr.
Sakaiminato port, one of the largest fishing ports in Japan, boasts of the biggest catch of snow crab.
At the market, not only fresh raw fish and seafood, but also grilled, dried and processed products are on sale. At the shop annexed to the market, visitors can taste fresh seafood and crabs.
The staying hours:Approx.2hr.
The Japanese style garden offers us an opportunity to enjoy flowers of four seasons, peony, iris, autumn foliage and winter peony.
During the spring golden week season, thirty thousand peony flowers are floated in the pond.
In autumn and winter, visitors can enjoy the illuminated garden. Please be indulged in a mysterious night garden.
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