Cherry blossom

The less time it lasts, the more we appreciate it.
Cherish the memory of the beautiful blossom.
Cherry blossom tells us spring is coming. A cherry blossom viewing party held under the trees is a typical spring scene. The sights of cherry petals fluttering in the wind and illuminated branches after dark are good examples of the Japanese sense of beauty. Please don’t miss the chance to wonder at the short life of cherry blossom.

Utsubuki Park

A beautiful park of cherry blossoms and azaleas

Hii River bank

A two-kilometer tunnel of cherry trees

Tsuyama Castle

One of the best spots for cherry blossom in Okayama

Ueno Park

Come and take in the contrast between the countryside and pink blossom

Rhuo-zan Park

A panoramic view of pink cherry blossom with a mountain as the backdrop

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